About Trinity

A lively vision is the hallmark of this faith community and has been since its birth. Trinity was organized in 1901 by Trinity Lutheran Church in South Philadelphia when Havertown was a farming community. In fact, the land on which the church is built was the Charles Gettz Farm that he donated for the new Mission Congregation.

Thanks be to God that our mothers and fathers of the faith had a vision that the Havertown area would grow and become a flourishing and established residential community.

The original church was much smaller than our present building and was torn down after the new church was built.

Today, blessed richly by the heritage of almost 110 years and entering into a bright and engaging future, we again ask the question: What is God’s vision for Trinity Lutheran Church? We have summed it up as “Serve, Celebrate, and Proclaim Jesus to All People.” We believe that the world needs to know Christ’s love and saving grace. Our calling is to help people connect with the Grace of God through involvement with our loving God in worship, service, mission, and fun.

Our mission of serving in the ways of Christ makes a difference in the life of people and communities.