Intersection of Faith and Life


We pray for our children.  We pray for our nation and for our world. We pray for the peace of God to fall upon us all.   With the news of the tragedy in Connecticut, we are reminded about the real meaning of this season of Advent.   We pray Come Lord Jesus Come – we pray for all the good gifts that God wants to bestow upon us.   We remember that the Lord came and that He comes again into our hearts and our lives.    That God is a God of life and love.   This Advent we are reminded that God came to walk with us as we listen to the news asking, ‘how? Why? When?’

This Advent reminds us that God came to huddle with terrified school children hiding in storage closets.  God came to give teachers strength to read stories to children and to pull them in the room for safety.  God came to cradle the wounded and the dying, so they would know they were not abandoned in that loneliest of moments.

This Advent we know that God came to give the first responders the courage to walk into the halls of learning,  now halls of violence, with a willingness to put themselves between the little children and whatever horrific monster dwelt inside.  God came to weep with the parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters and  to embrace them all with comfort and hope, even as they would no longer be able to embrace their child.

This season of Advent – is so important because we are reminded that God  has come and will come again to be our Peace and our Hope and Joy.

God came, and is still with us.


Originally Posted by Pastor Littleton on Haverford Patch

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